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SDMINFAT::masterBootRecord Struct Reference

Master Boot Record. More...

#include <PHNSDMinimal_fat.h>

Public Attributes

uint8_t codeArea [440]
uint32_t diskSignature
uint16_t usuallyZero
part_t part [4]
uint8_t mbrSig0
uint8_t mbrSig1

Detailed Description

Master Boot Record.

The first block of a storage device that is formatted with a MBR.

Member Data Documentation

uint8_t SDMINFAT::masterBootRecord::codeArea[440]

Code Area for master boot program.

uint32_t SDMINFAT::masterBootRecord::diskSignature

Optional WindowsNT disk signature. May contain more boot code.

uint8_t SDMINFAT::masterBootRecord::mbrSig0

First MBR signature byte. Must be 0X55

uint8_t SDMINFAT::masterBootRecord::mbrSig1

Second MBR signature byte. Must be 0XAA

part_t SDMINFAT::masterBootRecord::part[4]

Partition tables.

uint16_t SDMINFAT::masterBootRecord::usuallyZero

Usually zero but may be more boot code.

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