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 BufferedReadStream.hContains the BufferedReadStream class to read data with a buffer
 DataBuffer.hContains the DataBuffer class for safely storing dynamic memory on the heap
 FlashMemoryStream.hContains the FlashMemoryStream for reading flash memory as a stream of data
 MemoryStream.hContains the MemoryStream for accessing RAM as a Stream
 PHNUtils.hVarious utility functions for use all-around
 PHNBarGraph.hContains the PHN_BarGraph widget; a rectangular bar showing a value
 PHNButton.hContains the PHN_Button widget; a pressable three-state button
 PHNButtonGrid.hContains the PHN_ButtonGrid widget; multiple rows and columns of buttons
 PHNGauge.hContains the PHN_Gauge widget; a meter graph to show a value
 PHNItemList.hContains the PHN_ItemList widget; a widget that can show a list of any number of items
 PHNKeyboard.hContains the PHN_Keyboard widget; a grid of keys
 PHNLabel.hContains the PHN_Label widget; a text-showing widget
 PHNLineGraph.hContains the PHN_LineGraph widget; draws multiple line graphs
 PHNNumberBox.hContains the PHN_NumberBox widget; a textbox with value up/down buttons
 PHNScrollbar.hContains the PHN_Scrollbar widget; a widget for a bar that can be dragged
 PHNTextBox.hContains the PHN_TextBox widget; a text field the user can select and edit text in
 PHNBlueWiFi.hBluetooth and WiFi utility functions
 PHNCore.hPinout information for the Phoenard hardware components
 PHNDate.hDate-related functions
 PHNDisplay.hContains the PHN_Display used for drawing, touch input and widgets
 PHNDisplayHardware.hLow-level utility functions for working with the display
 PHNImage.hContains the PHN_Image class for storing image information and several macros for creating images
 PHNMidi.hContains PHN_Midi which can drive the decoder chip to play instruments
 PHNPalette.hContains the PHN_Palette, a color container, and several palette macros
 PHNSDMinimal.hA minimal Micro-SD library implementation that focuses on minimal code size
 PHNSettings.hManages the loading and saving of settings in EEPROM with the PHN_Settings struct
 PHNSim.hContains PHN_Sim for accessing the SIM module for calling, texting and much more
 PHNSRAM.hContains the PHN_SRAM class for accessing the on-board external 256 KBit (32 Kilobyte) SRAM chip
 PHNTextContainer.hHolds the PHN_TextContainer class used to dynamically access text using various datatypes
 PHNWidget.hHolds the PHN_Widget and PHN_WidgetContainer classes used for managing widgets
 PHNWidgetAll.hIncludes all the widgets available in the library
 Phoenard.hMain include file for the Phoenard library