Phoenard Directory Reference


directory  utility
directory  widgets


file  PHNBlueWiFi.cpp
file  PHNBlueWiFi.h [code]
 Bluetooth and WiFi utility functions.
file  PHNCore.h [code]
 Pinout information for the Phoenard hardware components.
file  PHNDate.cpp
file  PHNDate.h [code]
 Date-related functions.
file  PHNDisplay.cpp
file  PHNDisplay.h [code]
 Contains the PHN_Display used for drawing, touch input and widgets.
file  PHNDisplayFont.cpp
file  PHNDisplayHardware.cpp
file  PHNDisplayHardware.h [code]
 Low-level utility functions for working with the display.
file  PHNDisplayPrint.cpp
file  PHNImage.cpp
file  PHNImage.h [code]
 Contains the PHN_Image class for storing image information and several macros for creating images.
file  PHNMidi.cpp
file  PHNMidi.h [code]
 Contains PHN_Midi which can drive the decoder chip to play instruments.
file  PHNPalette.cpp
file  PHNPalette.h [code]
 Contains the PHN_Palette, a color container, and several palette macros.
file  PHNSDMinimal.cpp
file  PHNSDMinimal.h [code]
 A minimal Micro-SD library implementation that focuses on minimal code size.
file  PHNSDMinimal_fat.h [code]
file  PHNSettings.cpp
file  PHNSettings.h [code]
 Manages the loading and saving of settings in EEPROM with the PHN_Settings struct.
file  PHNSim.cpp
file  PHNSim.h [code]
 Contains PHN_Sim for accessing the SIM module for calling, texting and much more.
file  PHNSRAM.cpp
file  PHNSRAM.h [code]
 Contains the PHN_SRAM class for accessing the on-board external 256 KBit (32 Kilobyte) SRAM chip.
file  PHNTextContainer.cpp
file  PHNTextContainer.h [code]
 Holds the PHN_TextContainer class used to dynamically access text using various datatypes.
file  PHNWidget.cpp
file  PHNWidget.h [code]
 Holds the PHN_Widget and PHN_WidgetContainer classes used for managing widgets.
file  PHNWidgetAll.cpp
file  PHNWidgetAll.h [code]
 Includes all the widgets available in the library.
file  Phoenard.h [code]
 Main include file for the Phoenard library.