widgets Directory Reference


file  PHNBarGraph.cpp
file  PHNBarGraph.h [code]
 Contains the PHN_BarGraph widget; a rectangular bar showing a value.
file  PHNButton.cpp
file  PHNButton.h [code]
 Contains the PHN_Button widget; a pressable three-state button.
file  PHNButtonGrid.cpp
file  PHNButtonGrid.h [code]
 Contains the PHN_ButtonGrid widget; multiple rows and columns of buttons.
file  PHNGauge.cpp
file  PHNGauge.h [code]
 Contains the PHN_Gauge widget; a meter graph to show a value.
file  PHNItemList.cpp
file  PHNItemList.h [code]
 Contains the PHN_ItemList widget; a widget that can show a list of any number of items.
file  PHNKeyboard.cpp
file  PHNKeyboard.h [code]
 Contains the PHN_Keyboard widget; a grid of keys.
file  PHNLabel.cpp
file  PHNLabel.h [code]
 Contains the PHN_Label widget; a text-showing widget.
file  PHNLineGraph.cpp
file  PHNLineGraph.h [code]
 Contains the PHN_LineGraph widget; draws multiple line graphs.
file  PHNNumberBox.cpp
file  PHNNumberBox.h [code]
 Contains the PHN_NumberBox widget; a textbox with value up/down buttons.
file  PHNScrollbar.cpp
file  PHNScrollbar.h [code]
 Contains the PHN_Scrollbar widget; a widget for a bar that can be dragged.
file  PHNTextBox.cpp
file  PHNTextBox.h [code]
 Contains the PHN_TextBox widget; a text field the user can select and edit text in.