Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CbiosParmBlockBIOS parameter block
 CdirectoryEntryFAT short directory entry
 Cfat32BootSectorBoot sector for a FAT16 or FAT32 volume
 CmasterBootRecordMaster Boot Record
 CpartitionTableMBR partition table entry
 CBufferedReadStreamBuffered stream implementation for reading another stream with a buffer
 CCardCommandStores all arguments to complete a full card command, order matters!
 CCardVolumeStores all information about a loaded volume
 CColor_ARGBStruct to hold ARGB 32-bit color information used in bitmaps
 CDataBufferMaintains data stored on the heap and frees it when the class is destructed
 CDateStruct to hold years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds for a given Date
 CFilePtrStores the block and index of a file dir entry
 CFlashMemoryStreamReads flash memory as a data stream
 CImageheader_BMPStruct to hold the header information of the Bitmap image format
 CImageheader_LCDStruct to hold the header information of the LCD image format
 CItemParamStructure that stores the parameters for the draw function
 CMemoryStreamStream class implementation for reading RAM memory
 CPHN_BarGraphShows a value on a variable sized colored bar, the range and value changeable
 CPHN_ButtonThe button widget can be clicked by the user, showing three states
 CPHN_ButtonGridHolds multiple rows and columns of buttons
 CPHN_DisplaySimplifies the use of the display with drawing, touch input and widgets
 CPHN_GaugeShows a value with a needle-pointer display, the range and value changeable
 CPHN_ImageStores the information needed to draw an image to screen
 CPHN_ItemListThe item list widget shows a list of items
 CPHN_KeyboardThe keyboard widget shows character-labeled keys
 CPHN_LabelThe label widget shows text or numeric data
 CPHN_LineGraphDraws one or more line graphs
 CPHN_MidiPlay music notes using a variety of instruments using MIDI with chip VS1053B
 CPHN_NumberBoxThe numberbox widget can be scrolled by the user to change between integer values
 CPHN_PaletteA color Palette that can store up to 256 colors
 CPHN_ScrollbarShows a scroll bar the user can drag
 CPHN_SettingsStructure holding the settings stored in EEPROM
 CPHN_SimSimplistic library to make use of the SIM908 (phone) controller
 CPHN_SRAMSimplistic library for accessing the 32 Kilobyte 23K256 SRAM chip
 CPHN_TextBoxShows an area of text that allows selections and dynamic editing
 CPHN_TextContainerAbstraction for a widget that can store and update text
 CPHN_WidgetA single widget which covers a rectangular area of the screen
 CPHN_WidgetContainerA container for storing multiple PHN_Widget instances
 CPressPointStruct to hold the touch screen input information
 CSimContactA single message contact
 CSimMessageA single text message
 CTextBoundsStruct to hold the information for drawing text inside an area
 CTextOptionsStruct to hold the screen text drawing options
 CViewportStruct to hold the viewport information